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If you are starting out as a beginning watercolor artist then this six-week course is for you! Karen begins with the very basics of materials selection and proceeds to take you on a journey of discovery as you learn how to work with this fantastic medium. Pulling from her extensive academic training, personal brush mileage as a watercolor artist as well as her twenty plus years of teaching experience, Karen provides her students with a wealth of knowledge. This course is sure to give the budding student a boost up as they start their exploration of watercolor. Intermediate painters needing a refresher course will also gain from this informative workshop.

The following subjects are covered in this course...

This interactive course includes instructor support for the six week duration

  • Art Materials - How to choose the best for your painting

  • Your Palette - What colors do you need and how to order them on your palette

  • Paper - What watercolor paper should you use

  • Sheets vs Watercolor Blocks - Which should I use?

  • Color gradients – Getting to know your paints

  • Using Water to change values of the color

  • How water affects the paint on the paper

  • Exploring basic brushstrokes

You will paint...

Brush mileage starts January 1st!

  • Seaglass

  • An apple

  • A Koi fish

  • A pair of Mandarin oranges

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Course Curriculum

Includes 15 video lessons plus ten reference photos

  • 1

    Water Color Basics

    • Introduction to Materials

    • Setting Up Your Palette

    • Mounting WC Paper to Board

    • Watercolor Blocks

  • 2

    Color Gradients

    • Color Gradients

  • 3

    How Much Water

    • How Much Water

  • 4

    How Wet is the Paper

    • How Wet is the Paper

  • 5


    • Brushstrokes

  • 6

    Painting A Seaglass Pattern (Building layers in watercolor)

    • Seaglass Patterns

    • Seaglass Photo Reference-1

    • Seaglass Photo Reference-2

  • 7

    Painting an Apple

    • Painting an Apple

    • Apple Outline

    • Apple Reference

    • Apple Photo Reference

  • 8

    Painting a Koi Fish

    • Koi Fish

    • Koi Fish Drawing

    • Koi Fish Reference

  • 9


    • Mandarins 1

    • Mandarins 2

    • Mandarins 3

    • Mandarin Photo Reference